Frustrated with case prep material that doesn't teach you how to think?

We were too.

Back when we were interviewing, we didn't understand why case interview preparation felt so overwhelming.

Or why case interview "gurus" would tell us to be structured thinkers but then, instead of giving us a structured system to learn, just tell us to just memorize a few generic frameworks and "go do 30 or so cases".

Or what we were supposed to do when facing a crazy partner throwing a curveball question about the future of the aerospace maintenance industry.

And we didn't know how to get more quality preparation out of the limited time we had.

But it doesn't have to be this way...

A structured method to learn case interviews

In our courses, we will hand-hold you through the nuances of different types of cases and show you how to answer any type of question your interviewer may ask in a way that makes them see that you think and speak like a true MBB consultant.
A structured method to learn case interviews

Developed after 1,000's of hours of coaching

Everything we teach was battle-tested with hundreds of real candidates over thousands of real interviews in top consulting firms. We've tested it so that we know it is the simplest way for you to learn and so you know it will work in your toughest situations.
Developed after 1,000's of hours of coaching

Brought to you by two ex-MBB consultants

We used to be consultants at McKinsey and Bain. We've been through dozens of real case interviews ourselves, so we've been in your shoes. And we teach you the exact techniques real consultants use to solve real problems (instead of frameworks that only work in a case interview book).
Brought to you by two ex-MBB consultants

The foundations of our approach

  • Step-by-step methods

    Everyone tells you to be MECE, or to create your own structures, or to be insightful. But no one shows you HOW. We do. Everything we teach is taught in a systematic way so you can actually understand what's going on are able to do it yourself.

  • Practice examples

    Conceptual knowledge is nice, but you only learn what you practice. We give you tons of examples and "practice drills" so you can apply the stuff you learn even before you schedule your next mock-interview.

  • Insights from your interviewer's mindset

    We'll not only show you what to do, but WHY do it. Everything will make sense as you understand what's really being tested and what your interviewer's thinking as they ask you that tricky question.

Check out our free course on case interview fundamentals

You will learn how to structure any case from scratch and how to answer the six (and only six) types of questions your interviewer will ask you (no matter the case type).

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What candidates say...

Victor R.

Initially, I was skeptical about it. I thought would be only a mixture of everything available on internet presented by two guys who decided to quit McKinsey and Bain and give a shot with this course.

Oh man, how mistaken I was! I can confidently tell that what I haven’t learned in one year and a half using other materials; I did in a month with Bruno and Julio.

How was that possible? Because they taught me to think. They taught really well the fundamentals. Don’t fall into the trap to memorize 10+ frameworks and questions, because by the end of the day, the firms want your reasoning, your logic, your interpretations. Not what you memorized.

Arthur S.

CraftingCases content has the advantage of being the closest one to a real case interview.

Along with teaching you a more practical and more effective practice routine, the courses provide you with real opportunities to stand out in your interview in full, not only in the case. Every time I would read case interview material on the internet, I’d be met with anguish for thinking I didn’t have the time for all that, not to mention having no idea where to start. CraftingCases seems to have found a way to minimize this anguish faced by many and teaches efficient practice routines to improve in your cases and even help you start out from scratch.

The result of this training was an offer from BCG and final round interviews with McKinsey, even though I could only practice just under two hours per day due to my job.

Adonis N.

I just finished my Master’s and am currently about to have my first round interviews at Bain’s Paris office.

I’ve spent the last three months working on my interviews, believe me when I say I’ve read pretty much all the specialized websites and blogs, all the books you can think about (Cheng, Cosentino, Vault, McKinsey Mind, Crack the case…..), I’ve watched dozens of hours of YouTube videos, read around 800 pages/slides of cases, and practiced around 30 cases with partners.

Yet, with your website I still learned so much that I’m even close to readapt my entire approach, it’s amazing what you guys are doing, really. I feel it’s giving me the last push I needed, that one edge over the other candidates that will hopefully guarantee me an offer.

Mariana Z.

After dozens of cases done, I did not feel that I was progressing in my learning at all. One day, after a frustrating case which I was able to finish thanks to a colleague's support, CraftingCases was introduced to me. Oh boy, what a day :-)

From that point on, my studies have completely changed! I was finally able to understand in depth the fundamentals to structure a problem, how to calculate more efficiently and how to properly make brainstorms (yes, there is a proper way!). The Framework course specifically made a huge difference in my performance and through it I was actually able to give better feedback to my colleagues.